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ALL sites must submit ALL SAE letters to the IRB for review immediately.

If your site is part of our central IRB (Sterling) the CCC submits these letters on your behalf. You will receive notification from Sterling of each submission.

If you are not part of our central IRB (Sterling), submit all SAE letters to your local IRB immediately. Call or email the CCC to notify us of your submission and fax a copy of your IRB's response to the Clinical Coordinating Center at 305-674-2146 or 305-674-3970.

SAE Report #10008_October 11, 2006 (pdf)
SAE Report #10007_September 21, 2006 (pdf)
SAE Report #10006 November 28, 2005 (pdf)
SAE Report #10002 January 25, 2005 (pdf)
SAE Report #10004 January 19, 2005 (pdf)

File a copy of each SAE letter and IRB response in your regulatory binder under "IRB Communication".

Submit the latest DSMB letter to your IRB.

DSMB letter dated April 4, 2006 (pdf)
DSMB letter dated May 26, 2004 (pdf)

File a copy of each DSMB letter in your regulatory binder under the tab "Investigator Brochure" after the brochure.

TrialMaster® EDC System Updates - Release 105 (pdf)
TrialMaster® EDC System Updates - June 2005 (pdf)
TrialMaster® EDC System Updates - October 2004 (pdf)
TrialMaster® EDC System Updates - December 2003 (pdf)
Presentation Materials
Powerpoint Presentation about TACT (ppt)
Sample slide presentation on Chelation Therapy and TACT (ppt)
Helpful operational hints for TACT Coordinators:
TACT Patient Newsletter- December 2006 (pdf)
TACT TIPS- June 2006 (pdf)
TACT TIPS- January/February 2006 (pdf)

Important news for TACT Site Investigators and Coordinators:
TACT TALK- January 2007 (pdf)
TACT TALK - January/February 2006 (pdf)
TACT TALK - November/December 2005 (pdf)
TACT TALK - September/October 2005 (pdf)
TACT TALK- July/August 2005 (pdf)
TACT TALK- May/June 2005 (pdf)
TACT TALK- March/April 2005 (pdf)
TACT TALK - January 2005 (pdf)
TACT TALK - December 2004 (pdf)
TACT TALK - November 2004 (pdf)
TACT TALK - September 2004 Special Edition (pdf)
TACT Newsletter-July 2004 Special Advertising Edition (pdf)
TACT Newsletter- July 2004 Edition (pdf)
TACT Newsletter-April 2004 Edition (ppt)
TACT Newsletter - March 2004 Special Advertising Edition (pdf)
TACT Newsletter - Jan. 28, 2004 Edition (pdf)
TACT Newsletter - Oct. 21, 2003 Edition (pdf)
Discontinuation of TACT Helpline: 1-800-545-3853 effective 3/17/2006 (pdf)
Weight Flowsheet 5/4/2005 (pdf)
Discontinuing collection of cardio-CRP on patients enrolled after 4/15/2005 (pdf)
Scheduling weekly infusion visits in TrialMaster® EDC system 4/14/2005 (pdf)

TACT Data Entry System (Internet Case Report Form)