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TACT Regulatory Requirements

Instructions for Completing Regulatory Requirements (pdf)

Memorandum of Agreement Amendment dated June 1, 2004 (pdf)

Memorandum of Agreement MUST be typed and signed. Mail two (2) original copies to the CCC.

New sites have to sign the protocol signature page for the most recent protocol.

Memorandum of Agreement Amendment (pdf)

Protocol Signature Page for Protocol dated May 5, 2006 (pdf)

Protocol Signature Page for Protocol dated February 17, 2004 (pdf)

Protocol Signature Page for Protocol dated May 30, 2003 (pdf)

FDA Form 1572 (Word doc, local IRB version)

FDA Form 1572 (Word doc, Sterling/central IRB version)

Financial Disclosure Form (pdf)

Conflict of Interest Form (pdf)

Laboratory Normals (pdf)

OmniComm Site Information Sheet (Word doc)

Site Responsibility and Signature Log (Word doc)

Electronic Signature Authorization Form (pdf)

FWA Application Form (Word doc)

Professional History Form (Word doc)

IRB Registration Form (Word doc)

Investigator Profile (SIS Form) (Word doc)

Sub-Investigator Profile (SIS Form) (Word doc)

When your site obtains IRB approval begin screening your patient charts for potentially eligible patients by using the following Screening Log. Once you have started screening patients FAX your log to the CCC at (305) 674-3970 or (305) 674-2146.

Screening Log (pdf)

TACT Data Entry System (Internet Case Report Form)