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TACT Institutional Review Board Materials

Sterling IRB will serve as the IRB for TACT clinical sites that do not have an affiliation with a local IRB.
For further information regarding Sterling IRB, please visit their website at www.sterlingirb.com.

Instructions for Applying to Sterling/central IRB (pdf)


If you are a new clinical site you ONLY need to submit the most recent version of the protocol to your IRB.

TACT Protocol 5/5/2006 (pdf)

TACT Protocol 5/30/2003 (pdf)

TACT Protocol 2/17/2004 (pdf)

Outline of changes made to Protocol

Outline of changes made to Protocol 2/17/2004(pdf)

Outline of changes made to Protocol 5/30/2003(pdf)

Informed Consent Forms(ICF):

Informed Consent Form 5/5/2006 - English(doc)

The Informed Consent Form is also available in Spanish, Korean, and Russian. Contact the Clinical Coordinating Center, (305) 674-2703 or tactnih@msmc.com

Investigator’s Brochure (IB):

TACT Investigator’s Brochure 2/24/2006 (pdf)

TACT Investigator’s Brochure 3/14/2005 (pdf)

TACT Investigator’s Brochure 2/19/2003 (pdf)

FDA 1572:

Submit a COPY to your IRB and MAIL ORIGINAL to:
Research Assistant
Mount Sinai Medical Center
TACT, Clinical Coordinating Center
Department of Cardiovascular Research
4300 Alton Road, Butler Building
Miami Beach, FL 33140

FDA Form 1572: local IRB version (doc)

FDA Form 1572: Sterling/Central IRB version (doc)

TACT Advertisement Templates:

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TACT Recruitment Tools and Advertising

TACT Data Entry System (Internet Case Report Form)